End-of-Year Teacher Gifts: Our Top Tips

The easiest way to club together with parents and get vouchers for teachers.

With the end of the school year fast approaching, it’s time to start planning for what you – or even better, your entire class will gift the teachers to say thank you for everything they have done for your child this year.

With hundreds of classroom collections being organised on Waffles – giftwaffles.com – we have learnt a lot from parents and thought we’d share some tips.

1- Club together

Instead of each parent shopping for an individual gift, encourage your class to club together and get ONE great gift for the teacher. Each parent can spend less but together you can give something great.

2- Get vouchers

While there is a lot to be said for personalised, homemade gifts, it’s nice to give teachers a gift that you know they will use and that could potentially make a real difference for them. If teachers were given the option to receive 15 mugs OR a £100+ voucher from their favourite shop, you know what they’d go for!

A voucher allows them to splurge on something they normally wouldn’t be able to purchase. Examples of gift cards that teachers might appreciate include John Lewis/Waitrose, Marks & Spencer, Debenhams – who wouldn’t enjoy a bit of retail therapy. Or even Ticketmaster for an evening at the theatre or a concert.

3- Collect money online

If you’ve decided to organise a classroom collection, great! But we all know the hassle of awkwardly collecting money from parents at the school gate: forgotten cash, lost cash, promises of cash that never comes through until the last day of term…

There’s a way to do it all online: the collection, the group greeting card and the vouchers!

The easiest way to club together with parents and get vouchers for teachers.

4- Get organised sooner rather than later

There is so much going on for parents and children at the end of the school year. Start your collection early and give parents more time to give!

Never again have the hassle of organising a whip-round, which is great news if you’ve ever tried to collect money for a teacher’s end of year present. Create a collection online and let us do the rest: the tracking, the group greeting card and the vouchers sent straight to you by email.




Testimonials from parents who have organised collections on giftwaffles.com:

“Organising the collection online meant I didn’t have to chase people asking them for money. They all contributed using the web link, and even signed the card which saved me the hassle of buying a greeting card”. Danielle

“Getting the vouchers instantly by email was perfect, it saved me the trip to the shop!.” Yvonne

“I used to dread that time of year when I had to collect money for a teacher’s gift. I gave giftwaffles.com a try this year and it made my life so much easier. Parents just clicked to contribute. Then I just split the collection into 3 vouchers which I received instantly! Teachers were chuffed.” Laura